Sometimes i give good advice

In March, I wrote about how it’s really important to check your credit report for errors.  Well, I finally took my own advice.  It turns out I had two errors on my report that dropped my score by a whopping 80 points (whoops, maybe I should actually take my own advice).

The first error was that a majority of my student loans were double-counted.  My graduate student loans were taken over by Mohela, but the Department of Education was also still reporting my debt (get it together, Dept of Education).  The second error was the bank reported I had missed two mortgage payments (kind of a big deal).  In reality, I had not missed any payments; my loan was on hold for two months while they were refinancing my mortgage.

I won’t go into my whole spiel again about credit scores.  You can read my original post here.  But, I will tell you how you can fix the errors.  I went a little over-board and took two approaches.  First, I logged into the Experian website and logged a dispute with them.  This is just as easy as it sounds.  I wrote a quick description of why I thought it was an error and they confirmed the information with my bank and Department of Education.  The second action I took was to call Department of Education and my bank directly to talk to them about the errors.  I was surprised by how willing they were to fix the issue immediately.  Since there are three credit bureaus the best course of action is really to call the company directly and have them correct the information with all three bureaus.

This was more intended as a Public Service Announcement – (take my advice and) check your report!

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