30 Days of Creativity: drawing (Day 1)

I saw an article on Inc. that was about how creating something (anything) every day for 30 days could change your life. We are content consumers and our brains are on overload. I know this is true for me.  Creativity drives more observant behavior, more mindfulness, and letting go of perfectionism. The article listed a bunch of other benefits but those are the ones that resonated with me. 

So, I’ve accepted the challenge and am setting out to create something every day for 30 days. At a minimum, I’m hoping to break through some big picture mental blocks I’ve been having at work. Ideal state, something even bigger comes out of this. Who knows. 

I spent a lot of time overthinking how I could kick this challenge off with a bang. I got stuck in analysis paralysis so I sat down with the basic intention to draw. I didn’t know what to draw so I just started with something that’s been on my mind: the lung cancer awareness ribbon. I have been trying to find a lung cancer yard sign since it’s Lung Cancer Awareness month so this is what evolved naturally from that simple starting point.  My first inclination is to explain why I don’t like it because it’s not creative enough but, no, I’m not going to do that. I am just going to let it be. 

Day 1 of the #creativitychallenge ✅. 

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