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Creativity Challenge: Doodling (Day 4)

My brain just needed a break tonight so I doodled. I don’t know that I feel like I’m getting more creative but I definitely feel like my brain is relaxing a little!  

#creativitychallenge Day 4 ✅

30 Days of Creativity: new business ideas (Day 3)

Attention wannabe entrepreneurs!  For day 3 of the Inc. article challenge (after about 15 minutes of over-analyzing what I should do) I decided to start a list of business ideas. It was surprisingly tough. I spent the most time on this challenge and didn’t come up with much. I’ll probably add to this in a future day. 

You can tell the state of my personal life is all about time management and making life easier. I would fuuuurrrr reeeeaaaaal pay some serious cash for a couple of these services (ahem, Stitch Fix service for family pictures and some type of in-home meal prep that actually results in meals that are fast, delicious, and healthy). 

I also don’t get why Apple hasn’t pulled its stuff together, stopped worrying about the dang headphone situation so much, and made a phone that can take two numbers. I see so many other people at work who are carrying around a personal and work phone. I don’t want to use my work phone as my personal phone. I need more life separation than that.  But I’m sick of carrying two phones around and the biggest deal is just getting two different numbers so I can have some separation. Ugh.  Pull yourself together, Apple or Google, and figure out a viable solution that works.  I’ve already put this idea out on Facebook for you to grab. I can’t do EVERYTHING for you. 

Enough about that. Let’s talk B2B. I’m experiencing some serious pain points around a need to benchmark new ways of doing things merged with lack of large funds to hire expensive consultants and lack of time to chase down a bunch of companies to personally talk to me and also figure out who is even the right person with the right information. As much as I ❤️ HBR, it’s just not cutting it in this case. I need more in-depth case studies or information and I need to be able to pay for it on an as-needed basis. I don’t need some companies annual subscription to get “thought leadership” that’s as deep as the kiddy pool. I need more meat, in less time, on more specific topics, on an as-needed basis. Mmmmmmkay?  

Maybe someday I’ll stop whining about what the world needs to do for me and I’ll act on one of these ideas. Bills, babies, and actually liking my job means that day is not today. 

Day 3 #creativitychallenge ✅

30 Days of Creativity: drawing (Day 1)

I saw an article on Inc. that was about how creating something (anything) every day for 30 days could change your life. We are content consumers and our brains are on overload. I know this is true for me.  Creativity drives more observant behavior, more mindfulness, and letting go of perfectionism. The article listed a bunch of other benefits but those are the ones that resonated with me. 

So, I’ve accepted the challenge and am setting out to create something every day for 30 days. At a minimum, I’m hoping to break through some big picture mental blocks I’ve been having at work. Ideal state, something even bigger comes out of this. Who knows. 

I spent a lot of time overthinking how I could kick this challenge off with a bang. I got stuck in analysis paralysis so I sat down with the basic intention to draw. I didn’t know what to draw so I just started with something that’s been on my mind: the lung cancer awareness ribbon. I have been trying to find a lung cancer yard sign since it’s Lung Cancer Awareness month so this is what evolved naturally from that simple starting point.  My first inclination is to explain why I don’t like it because it’s not creative enough but, no, I’m not going to do that. I am just going to let it be. 

Day 1 of the #creativitychallenge ✅. 

30 Days of Creativity: making a list of ideas (Day 2)

I can already tell this is going to start reaaaaallly stretching me pretty soon. I had a tough time figuring out what to do for today’s creative activity because *surprise surprise* I over-analyzed it.  So many options or zero options?  It’s tough for my brain to decide. I finally checked out the list of suggestions from the article and settled on making a list of ideas. 

I focused on how I can be more effective with my time and how I would use that time. The gist of it is I need to limit my screen time and be more planful when it comes to routine needs like grocery shopping and about how I approach my work day. Nothing too earth shattering there but the hard part is implementing it. Basically what someone needs to do is create an app that only lets me on certain applications (ahem, Facebook) at certain times of the day that I define. Since that doesn’t seem to be an option, I am going to start by leaving my phone 10-15 feet from my bed so I have to get out bed when my alarm goes off and I’m going to get a regular meal-planning and grocery ordering cadence going that isn’t on a weekend day. 

As for how I would spend my time, it comes down to hanging out with my kids (and I now have a list of a bunch of specific activities for next time we are wondering what to do on a Saturday), spending time with my husband doing date nights and allocating time for us to brainstorm our dreams (we are cheesy like that), and volunteering. I love to volunteer and used to do it fairly regularly. Getting married and having kids stopped that so I’d like to get back to it. 
I’d be curious to know how others are efficient with their time!

#creativitychallenge Day 2 ✅

12 Days That Will Unknowingly Change You Forever

This article will take you on a walk down memory lane. These are some of the memories it generated for me:

  • My aunt passed away unexpectedly. I think about her at least a few times a week and am reminded of how much I loved her, miss her, and how fickle life can truly be.
  • I remember the day I was relaxing on my townhome couch, about a month after I bought it, and thought to myself, “On the balance sheet of my life, I now own this incredible asset… all by myself!”
  • I am making my 21 year-old self proud. The long hours at work, piles of homework, and mountain of student loans are paying off.
  • I have fantastic friends I’ve acquired over the years from various points in my life. I’ve purposefully stopped being friends with not-so-fantastic friends and it made me a better person.
  • I felt like I was in Sex & the City when I met Matt. It was exactly as described in this post – I decided to love myself more and ditch the jerks. A month later, I met my wonderful husband.

It’s worth a read (and maybe it will be the catalyst in #1 to change your life).